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Kai was Being Asked to Make a Chant at [Andante] First Gathering and This was What He Came up with



Kai leads back to his home, EXO. 

An EXOLs shared on Twitter saying, "A friend of mine told me ㅠㅠ Isn't the chant that Jongin (EXO Kai) shouted at Andante's first gathering too cute ㅠㅠㅠ Andante Saranghaja(Let's love)!" 

Along with a screenshot of her conversation with her friend that explained how it came about was included in the tweet too. 

Image Source: Twitter 'myeon8'

"Jonginie said Andante let's love"

"I am actually from a team called EXO as a singer

Our team has a chant that goes 'Let's love.'

I will be grateful if you would say 'Let's love' when I start off with Andante."

"He said..."

EXO, let's love!

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Source: [Youtube] Ericka

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