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Kim Jinwoo Broke into Tears While Talking about His Concerns and Regrets to WINNER Members



Kim Jinwoo opened up about his deep thoughts towards WINNER members.

On the latest episode of 'Youth over Flowers,' the boys went on a cruise to see whale. They then saw a baby whale learning to jump in the water, making them think of being trainees and some of the hard times they've gone through.

During the private interview with the staff, Jinwoo said, "I felt a bit sorry for the other members. I once even cried while listening to my own voice, because it seemed so weird. I was 20 years old back then. I have no confidence at all and it was very difficult."

He continued, "When I was a trainee, I could just work hard so that I could debut. But once I debuted, it wasn't like what I thought, it was harder." He added, "I also thought that I'm not good at playing my role as the eldest member in the group. I don't compose songs or write lyrics, I felt like I harmed the team."

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN' Screenshot

He then began crying while explaining, "I think I was a blackhole for the team. It's not like that now but… I think I wasn't able to be satisfied with myself, I felt like I was falling behind."

Watch the video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] tvN

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