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Kim Soohyun Strikes Again with His Playfulness During His [Real] Stage Greeting



There is no end to this pool of playfulness.

At the stage greeting for the movie 'Real', Kim Soohyun was being presented with so many bouquets of flowers that he had to hold one of it in between his arm and his cheeks. After receiving all of them, he could be seen with a really happy smile whilst having his arms and cheek full. 

Image Source: Youtube 'soovelyy' screenshot

A staff member came forward to help him with the bouquet that was held with his cheek, when he looked to the side and laughed towards his co-star, seemingly proud that he has more bouquets than them. 

Image Source: Youtube 'soovelyy' screenshot

Where's the end to his playfulness? Watch the moment starting from the 3:15 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] soovelyy

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