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Kim Yoojung Left a Lengthy Message to Fans about Her College Postponement

Kim Yoojung Left a Lengthy Message to Fans about Her College Postponement


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Actress Kim Yoojung personally left message for fans about her decision on postponing her college

As previously reported, the actress will not take the national exam for university this year. Kim Yoojung decided to focus on her acting career. After she announced her plan, a lot of fans were worried about her future. To make everything clear, the actress posted on her Genuine fancafe,

Everyone in Genuine fancafe!

Hello, it's Yoojung :) I wanted to tell my fans directly, so I'm posting here. I wanted to tell you guys first... But the article was out before I even knew... Soon, I'll be 20! Next year, I was planning on putting more weight on my roles because I wanted to get closer to my fans and show different sides to myself to more people. After conferring with my parents, I decided not to attend college next year. Therefore, I won't be taking the national exam this year. I also won't be applying anywhere. I wanted to attend school in a different setting and I was looking forward to it, but I'm not going to get greedy and I want to become an actress who can do the best where I can. Going to college is by choice and there is freedom to choose, so if I want to study later on, I want to prepare hard and go to college then. I will always work hard for the fans who believe in me. I want to see you! I love you always and thank you. Have sweet dreams tonight!

Wish everything the best for Kim Yoojung!

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