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Kris Opened up about the Real Reason Why He Left EXO and Said That He doesn`t Talk to Them Anymore



Kris honestly talked about his departure from EXO on a recent interview.

Promoting his newest track, 'B.M,' Kris came to radio station 'Wild 94.9' for an interview with DJ Gabby Diaz. During the interview, Kris revealed the real reason on why he decided to leave EXO and whether or not he still contacts with the members.

When asked what made him decide to leave EXO, Kris answered, "I guess, first of all, I'm not Korean. I'm Chinese. So, Korea is not really like a home for me, it's not my base. Working there is sometimes stressful for me." He continued, "Secondly, it'll be because the way how K-pop works is that you have to do the kind of stuffs that the competitors have to do. Everyone has no freedom, and for me, it was super stressful because I wanna do my own stuffs."

The radio DJ then asked whether he still talks to EXO members, Kris just simply inferred that they are seperated now. Kris then talked more about his career as a soloist in the interview. You can watch the full interview in the video above.

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Source: [Youtube] Gabby Diaz 

Thumbnail Credit: SAMYANG

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