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Lee Dongwook Did All the Aegyos That are There to Do in His Own Chic Way



Lee Dongwook taking aegyo into another level with his own set. 

At the end of his fan sign, the actor jokingly called out, 'Number 101 please come forward!" when there are only 100 fans allowed into the event. He shyly covered his face when he heard a fan shouted, "Handsome!" which he firmly replied, "I know!"

Fans can't get enough of him and got him to do aegyos, which the actor did it with not much cuteness but overflowing chicness. From the famous camera capture 'save,' aegyo to winks, he gave his all. 

Image Source: Youtube '메데 김' Screenshot

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 메데 김

Thumbnail Credit: Dashing Moments, Wish


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