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Lee Hi Shared the Reason Behind Why She Chose to Sing [Breathe]



Lee Hi talked about the story behind the song 'Breathe.' 

Guested on JYP's Party People, Lee Hi shared about the song, 'Breathe,' that touched many hearts with its sentimental melody as well as the lyrics that most could find themselves agreeing to. 

The song was written by SHINee's Jonghyun that was then given to Lee Hi by Epik High's Tablo. She shared how she had some difficulty in breathing for a period of time, something like a minor panic attack that she had to visit the doctor. Elaborating on that, "There are many that suffers from this too, situations that made them hard to breathe. So, I wanted to sing a song that could help people breathe."

Watch the moment at the 0:18 mark in the first video and her performance of 'Breathe' in the second video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] KOCOWA TV

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