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Lee Jongsuk Can`t Get Over Yoon Kyunsang`s Poses at His New Drama`s Press Conference



Lee Jongsuk got extremely entertained with Yoon Kyunsang's poses at his recent press conference. 

Yoon Kyunsang attended the press conference for his new drama, 'Oh, the Mysterious' in his convict uniform. He posed adorably for the camera and Lee Jongsuk who spotted pictures of this, dedicated an Instagram post for this event.

On his own Instagram, Lee Jongsuk posted two pictures of Yoon Kyunsang with his caption that was filled with countless of 'ㅋ' showing his amusement, ending with, "You(are)..Really cute though?"

On the other hand, Lee Jongsuk's 'stalking' sure is at another level. Watch the press conference in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] TongTongTv 통통영상 & [Instagram] jongsuk0206

Thumbnail credit: 노마드랩

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