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Lee Jongsuk Shared Thoughts on Wrapping up His Drama [When You were Asleep]



Actor Lee Jongsuk opened up about 'When You were Asleep' after it has come to an end. 

The drama ended on November 16th as it aired its latest episode. The actor told media about wrapping up the drama. He said, "I have filmed the drama from winter to summer. I have spent much time living as Jaechan (Lee Jongsuk's character in the drama). I have met a lot of great people and I am happy about that. I thank the producer, the writer, staff, and the other actors who have worked hard together. I am happy to be a part of this drama. I love you all, especially my senior Kim Wonhae, I thank you and send my respect to you."

Drama 'While You were Sleeping' has received much love from viewers both because the star-studded cast and the exciting story plot. The drama has also recorded satisfying viewership ratings during the airing. 

How do you like the drama, ladies and gentlemen?

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Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

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