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Lee Jongsuk Shared a Friendly Selfie with Co-Star Suzy, Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang



Actor Lee Jongsuk shared a selfie taken during actress Lee Sungkyung and actor Yoon Kyunsang's cameo appearence.

Actress Lee Sungkyung and actor Yoon Kyunsang made a special and adorable cameo appearance in actor Lee Jongsuk and Suzy's latest drama, 'While you were sleeping.' They acted as a pair of the sweetest couple in their matching sweatshirt, taking selfies so closely that made the main leads felt awkward in the scene. With the same selfie stick used as the main tool for the cameo couple, it was put to another good use by capturing this special moment between these 4 actors and actresses.

How are you enjoying the drama so far? Check out the sweet couple's cameo appearance in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] Yyyou 07 & [Instagram] jongsuk0206

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