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Lee Jongsuk was Seen at a Cafe with His Little Brother



In fact, this cafe is said to be Lee Jongsuk's cafe.

A fan shared a picture of her back taken by her friend at '89 Mansion,' who has rumor circulating that was owned by the actor, Lee Jongsuk himself. In this picture, Lee Jongsuk could be seen in smiling to this fan warmly with his little brother by his side. In her fan account, she included how the actor was shining with his bare face and his casual attire, with a ring on his pinky. 

Image Source: Twitter 'leejongsuk.sunnyshining'

The identity of the boss of this cafe was kept quiet but rumors spread fast and wide that the official Instagram of the cafe admitted to the suspicion. 

Those who are interested in visiting the cafe can head over to the 89mansion official Instagram to find out more!  

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Source: [Youtube] Irene Bakina

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