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Lee Junki was Blacklisted by South Korea`s Former President, He Said He was All Okay



It was recently revealed that actor Lee Junki is one of those 'blacklisted' in Korea by the government, together with a few other entertainers, cultural artists, and public figures.

According to media outlet Yonhap News, the government of former conservative President Lee Myungbak is suspected of blacklisting left-leaning cultural figures. Lee Junki's name was listed among them, and fans began to worry for his well-being.

However, Lee Junki assured fans that he was all okay -- and he is always okay. He took his Instagram account and said that he was so touched by fans' consolation, as well as his gratitude towards them. 

Many fans suspect that one of the reasons for this ban was allegedly caused by his playing of a role in the movie 'May 18.' The film dealt with the Gwangju Democratization Movement, where Junki played one of the rebels in the regime. Others speculate that Lee Myungbak was unhappy with the actor's opposition against his support of importing U.S. beef in 2008.

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Source: [Youtube] wokuszko & [Instagram] actor_jg

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