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Lee Kwangsoo Revealed How Kim Joongkook Unfairly Treated Song Joongki and Him in the Past



Lee Kwangsoo spill the beans to viewers.

On the November 5th episode of 'Running Man,' the cast talked about their unforgettable memories from the past. When it came to Kim Jongkook's turn, he showed his first fall repackaged album from 2010. However, Lee Kwangsoo, quickly stole attention revealing how Kim Jongkook invited Song Joongki and him to the MV filming set. 

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Running Man' Screenshot

Lee Kwangsoo said, "We both went to the set with a congratulating heart. Joongki was filming the MV, but I sat on the sofa for the whole day." He continued, "At that time we went together, he called me because Joongki might be bored and Kim Jongkook told only Joongki for the MV." As Lee Kwangsoo's explained it with his explosive emotion, everyone else burst out laughing. 

Check out the video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] SBS Running Man 

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