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Lee Sungkyung Fluttered Hearts with Her Musical Talents in Commercial



Lee Sungkyung flashed in her "musical."

The model turned actress has been featured in cosmetic brand, 'Laneige's commercial. In the commercial, Lee Sungkyung transforms into a musical actress. She plays a role of an ordinary girl who lacks confidence before eventually shining brightly after being made over with the brand's products. 

Image Source: Youtube 'LANEIGE 라네즈 Korea' Screenshot

Apart from her dazzling beauty, fans also can hear Lee Sungkyung's amazing vocals in this commercial, as she sings to the song along with the other artists. Lee Sungkyung is definitely a multi-talented star after all, isn't she?

You can watch Lee Sungkyung's full commercial for the brand above.

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Source: [Youtube] LANEIGE 라네즈 Korea 

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