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Lee Sungkyung Made an Official Apology after Her Allegedly Rude Manners towards Jo Hyejung

Lee Sungkyung Made an Official Apology after Her Allegedly Rude Manners towards Jo Hyejung


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Lee Sungkyung has finally opened up about the controversy where she was accused of putting down her co-star Jo Hyejung. 

The controversy was when the 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' cast held a special event and Jo Hyejung started a broadcast on Instagram Live. Lee Sungkyung started her own broadcast shortly afterward. One actor on set commented that Sungkyung already had over 25,000 viewers while Hyejung only had thousands. It was reported that Sungkyung, said, "Why do you look so down?" and it was assumed that this comment was directed towards Jo Hyejung.

Breaking the silence, Lee Sungkyung explained, "We really are like Bokjoo and Nanhee (best friends in the drama). We have made so many memories together and really like each other. Those who watched the drama would know that it's impossible to hate someone as lovely as Nanhee." She then continued, "Hyejung is always comfortable holding live broadcasts but I've only done it once or twice since I thought it was a bit awkward. But after seeing Hyejung enjoying it so much, and greeting all her viewers, I decided to try it myself. I amazed myself at how awkward I was at first. I did not even imagine that holding my own live broadcast would be seen as a way to discourage Hyejung." Sungkyung explained further, "The discouraging face and quote wasn’t directed towards Hyejung, but to Nam Joohyuk. He suddenly had a discouraged expression on his face."

On the other hand, Jo Hyejung's agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, has also confirmed that Lee Sungkyung's apology was genuine and true, stating there was no conflict between the two.

In case you haven't watched the live broadcast, you can check it out above! 

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Source: [Youtube] SASASYAFIRA 

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