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Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang Might Be the Cutest Drama Cameo Couple... Here`s the Proof



Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang successfully stole the spotlight through their cameo in SBS' ongoing drama 'While You were Asleep' on November 1st.

In the episode, Jung Jaechan (Lee Jongsuk) and Nam Hongjoo (Suzy) bumped into Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang, who played as lovers. However, things were not going well for them because Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang's overly-romantic dating type caused Jaechan being awkward in front of Hongjoo. Production team of 'While You were Asleep' has also released Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang's behind-the-scene photos, which you can see below.

Image Source: SBS

Anyway, are you catching up with the drama, ladies and gentlemen? 

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Source: [NAVER TVCast] 당신이 잠든 사이에

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