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Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyusang to Make Cameo on [While You were Asleep], Lee Jongsuk Shared His Thoughts



Lee Jongsuk shared his thoughts regarding to Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang's upcoming cameo on his ongoing SBS' drama 'While You were Asleep.' 

When asked about his feeling to have Lee Sungkyung and Yoon Kyunsang making cameo on his drama, the actor revealed, "Lee Sungkyung dan Yoon Kyunsang are people I like, so I am so comfortable to record the drama together with them. I alsp haven't met them for a long time, I am happy that we can reunite again. Kyunsang hyung looks cuter because he gained some weight. Both of them are fun."

Meanwhile, you can see the trailer of 'While You were Asleep's upcoming episode above.

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Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

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