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Luhan Updates Fans with an Old Post in Commemoration of 3 Years Since Leaving EXO



Former EXO member Luhan is gaining attention for his latest post on social media. 

On October 10th, the idol reuploaded an old post from exactly three years ago, back when he officially left EXO. It was also the first post from Luhan after confirming his relationship with Guan Xiaotong on October 8th. 

The post from three years ago reads, "I came back home." Along with it, Luhan added, "I thank all of you. I will always try my best." Luhan is currently busy preparing his upcoming Chinese film, 'Shanghai Fortress,' which is scheduled to be premiered in 2019.

Meanwhile, you can watch again Luhan's last stage with EXO before he left the group in the fancam above.

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Source: [Youtube] Hajar Nurlela

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