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MONSTA X Explained The Reason Why They Weren`t Really Glad to Be First Place Nominees



The members felt sorry for MONBEBEs more than anything when it happens.

MONSTA X got their first ever 1st place since debut on 'The Show' with their latest comeback, 'DRAMARAMA.' The boys were overwhelmed with emotions that no one could bring themselves to say give their thank you speech. 

After the show, the boys greeted MONBEBEs through a V live broadcast to thank their fans for giving them this meaningful win. In the midst of it, Wonho said,

"We have to be a 1st place nominee to be able to win the 1st place. But honestly, we weren't so glad to be a 1st place nominee because we won't be able to get 1st place after all. Because of that, MONBEBEs would feel apologetic towards us and be full of anxiety and would feel a sense of pity when it doesn't happen. It would be tough on their side and we feel sorry for that."

Congratulations on MONSTA X's 1st win! 

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Source: [V LIVE] V PICK

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