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MONSTA X is Spoiling MONBEBEs with Sweetness as They Reached 2 Years Old



MONSTA X wishes their MONBEBEs a Happy 2nd Birthday! 

September 26 marks an important and special day for both MONSTA X and MONBEBEs as its the day where MONBEBEs were born. To commemorate this special day, no one is more excited the MONSTA X members themselves. 

They prepared a series of gifts for their fans through their official Twitter account. From Hyungwon's face pinching selfies, Minhyuk and Shownu's face switch, Shownu's baby picture, Wonho's good night video and Jooheon's birthday song to IM's voice clip for their fans, MONBEBEs was showered with much love on their memorable day. 

Image Source:  Twitter 'OfficialMonstaX'

They have also each designed MONBEBEs logo in their own style and have also left heartfelt messages for their beloved fans. 

Image Source:  Twitter 'OfficialMonstaX'

Check out the special clip uploaded for MONBEBEs for their birthday in the video above!

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Source: [V LIVE] MONSTA X 


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