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MONSTA X`s Hyungwon is Sealing TWICE`s [Cheer Up] with His Sexy Version



HyungWon dances to TWICE's 'Cheer Up,' too sexily that may feel you breathless.

The group appeared on 'Weekly Idol,' and of course without fail, they went through the meat mission corner where all idols would give all they have for a piece of meat reward. Hyungwon took on the mission by dancing to the bright and cheerful song by TWICE, in his own sexy form. 

He stood in the middle, proud and confidently before slowly going into the choreography that he started off the iconic 'Sha sha sha' part. Right after, he inserted his sexy choreography that threw his members as well as the host off their seats. 

Image Source: Youtube '文福的视频' Screenshot

Watch the dance in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 文福的视频

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