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MONSTA X`s IM Shows an Effective Way to Stop Jooheon`s Cringing Aegyo on a Past Broadcast



IM was so done with his hyung. 

The boys had an interview with Chinese media, 'An Niu Hallyu' last December. With Christmas just around the corner, the boys were asked to show their sweetest Christmas confession in front of the camera. Coming to Jooheon, he had his finger heart and side profile ready, along with his cutest smile.

Image Source:  Youtube '中視新聞' Screenshot

He set off with his ‘I love you’s in Chinese twice in his aegyo tone before he was being ripped off the microphone he was holding by the maknae seated on his right.

Image Source:  Youtube '中視新聞' Screenshot

IM couldn’t bear to see it longer so he decided to put an end to it. And that, was how he did it. 

Watch the moment at the 6:49 mark in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] 中視新聞

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