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MONSTA X`s Jooheon will Make You Tear and Laugh with His Punishment



Jooheon carries out his punishment with much emotions.

On 'Monster X Ray Season 2', Jooheon carried out his punishment blindfolded with Minhyun leading him. The moment he steps out from the camping car, he warned, "If you dare to touch me! I brought a rice paddle! Really! I don't care whoever you are!"

Image Source: Youtube 'i.myoozhang Screenshot

This fierce side of him came crumbling down when the staff asked him to step down from the pavement and did it with extremely tiny and careful steps. Following that, the staff tricked him and said there's limbo in front of him so he listened well and naturally crouched down to go pass the imaginary limbo. He naively asked, "Is it done? Can I stand up?" 

Image Source: Youtube 'i.myoozhang Screenshot

Jooheon looked so vulnerable in his punishment! Check out the punishment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] i.myoozhang

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