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MONSTA X`s Wonho Gave a Heartwarming Respond to a Fan That Ask For a Diet Encouragement



Fan ask for a word of encouragement to go on diet but Wonho responded with this instead. 

During one of the recent V live broadcast Wonho did, he read a comment and said, "You are asking me to ask you to go on a diet? It's fine even if you don't go on diet. However, if you really have to go on a diet, don't you need to win over yourself? For me, I just want to show a nice side of me to Monbebes...Of course you will love and like me no matter how I look like, but even though I am dieting to show a slightly nicer side of me, I like it too even if Monbebes doesn't do that."

Monbebes, Wonho will love you just the way you are. Check out the moment at the 13:54 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [V LIVE] MONSTA X 


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