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MONSTA X`s Wonho was Left Mesmerized by NCT`s Jaehyun and Johnny`s Visual



Wonho couldn't stop with his praises.

MONSTA X guested on 'NCT's Night Night' radio program when Johnny motioned at Wonho for him to read the next question. Suddenly, Wonho who lifted his head up and went, "Handsome" while looking at the DJs. Minhyun backed up with his agreement too. 

Image Source: Youtube 'NCT 솔직히진짜' Screenshot

Wonho who was still left mesmerized held a hand in front of his chest as he added, "I was shocked. " The two DJs were flustered and Jaehyun was mixed up with his words when he went, "The next question..." 

Image Source: Youtube 'NCT 솔직히진짜' Screenshot

Everyone who was in the lost state could only looked at their scripts for a second before continuing with the segment. 

Watch the moment at the start of the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] NCT 솔직히진짜

Thumbnail Credit: 19930301cokr


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