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Mnet Drops a Mysterious Video Teaser of [Produce 48]

Mnet Drops a Mysterious Video Teaser of [Produce 48]


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'Produce 101' series might undergo a name change to 'Produce 48.'

Recently, Mnet has just released a mysterious video teaser with title 'Produce 48.' There isn't any detail revealed about what it actually is. Many of Netizens speculate that it is the continuation of the popular survival show, 'Produce 101,' just with a name alteration. Mnet hints that 'Produce 48' is a combination of 'Produce 101' and 'AKB48.' Meanwhile, it was reported that Mnet is currently working on the third season of 'Produce 101.'

You can watch the video teaser above.

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Source: [Youtube] Mnet Official

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