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NCT`s Jaehyun Shared What Taeyong Suggested That Could Be Added To His Track



Taeyong dropped by for a visit with a suggestion.

The behind shooting clip for, 'PoeticBeauty: JAEHYUN' pictorial has been released. Dreamy aura and atmosphere filled the site as well as the surreal visuals coming from Jaehyun himself. The pictorial was being done alongside with his SM STATION release of, 'Try Again.' 

Image Source: Youtube 'SMTOWN' Screenshot 

He shared that Doyoung, Taeyong and Haechan had listened to his song and also the suggestion given by their leader when he visited him during his recording. Jaehyun said, "Taeyong-hyung said, 'I think it would be good if a rap is added' when he came during the recording.

How will the song turned out to be if a rap part is added? Watch the pictorial shoot in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

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