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NCT`s Jaehyun and Johnny Shared an Effective Way to Fight the Cold with ASTRO`s Eunwoo



Eunwoo seeks for effective methods from NCT's Jaehyun and Johnny to fight the cold winter.

On NCT's Night Night, Eunwoo read a question that he personally picked that went, "Is there a method of your own that you use to fight the cold?"

He explained,

"I personally get cold really easily. When I am cold, I would shiver and I would tear up too. So I would like to ask my members as well as JaeD(Jaehyun) and JyaD(Johnny) if you guys have any methods."

Jaehyun replied to Eunwoo saying, "I have a lot of heat in my body. So if there's anyone who feels cold, they would stick right beside me." Johnny said, "My hands are always cold that's why I would feel cold too" which got Jaehyun to expose him by saying, "That's why he would always place his hands on my back!"

Jaehyun, the human heater. Watch the moment at the 38:17 mark in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] My Deer 차은우


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