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NCT`s Mark`s Shocked Expression Made Jeno Crumbled Down on Fours



Mark was shook and Jeno witnessed it all.

NCT Dream members did a live broadcast where there was a segment where they spilt up into 2 groups for an 'ambulance' coloring challenge. The members were deciding on the colors when Mark's group that consisted of Chenle and Jeno decided to go with red. However, it was later changed without Chenle being informed. 

Mark and Jeno went over with yellow when Mark realized Chenle has already colored the cross in red. Mark's stunned and shocked expression was beyond hilarious that made Jeno crumbled down on fours. 

Image Source: Youtube 'dust winnie' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 19:10 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] dust winnie


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