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NCT`s Taeil`s Affection Towards Winwin is Indescribable, Especially After This



Taeil was the 'Belle' for Winwin's 'Beast.'

Taeil and Winwin surprised everyone with their couple Halloween outfit that probably made many wondered how was the role fixed between the two of them. Taeil has always been known to have a strong affection towards Winwin in the group but him taking up the role of 'Belle' sure sealed the deal. 

They both appeared at SM's Halloween party with Winwin in his 'Beast' costume and Taeil in his yellow 'Belle' gown, along with his beautiful wig. 

Image Source: Twitter 'blzjaehwan'

Seems like the cosplay didn't happened only at the party venue. The NCT's resident 'Beauty and the Beast' got their cosplay happening even at their SM entertainment building. 

Image Source: Twitter 'justfor0701nim'

No one knows how the both of them ended up in their respective roles but NCTizens know that Taeil would never spit the word 'No' to his favorite dongsaeng...And Winwin might have voiced out his preferred role, leaving Taeil with the other. 

Can we expect a 'tale as old as time' from them? 

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Source: [Youtube] Gina Nguyen

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