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NCT`s Taeyong Confessed He has Never been in Relationship, Revealing He is More Comfortable with Men



NCT's Taeyong talked about his love story. 

On the November 7th interview with Sport Donga, NCT's Taeyong shared his hones thoughts on relationship. He also talked much about his school life in the past. When asked when he wanted to be in relationship for the first time, Taeyong answered, "Honestly, I am not so interested in people with opposite gender." 

He continued, "I'm serious that I have never been in relationship even when I was in school. The members surprised about that." The interviewer then commented that Taeyong must have been popular for his handsome face back in his school.

Image Source: 스포츠동아

To this, Taeyong laughed and explained, "No, I was not. I attended male-only school and moved to SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul). At that time, I didn't have interest in girls. I am more comfortable with boys because I can treat them normally."

The idol also talked about his ideal type. He expressed, "Because I don't have any experience, it would be good if my lover could lead me." Usually you are attracted to a person who is different from you. Compared to my tough image, I am actually a soft person, so it will be great if I can be together with someone stronger than me."


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Source: [Youtube] Spinel CAM

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