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NCTizens are Once Again Impressed with Jaehyun`s Fluent English in an Interview in the Phillipines



Jaehyun impressed with his English for their exclusive interview with MYX phillipines.

Right from the start, Jaehyun held the mic as the group greeted the viewers. To questions asked to them, Mark who is born in Canadian responded in his native language and Jaehyun who is known to have lived in the America for a period of 4 years responded in fluent English as well.

Image Source: Youtube 'MYX Philippines' Screenshot

Even though this interview isn't the first time fans hear Jaehyun's English but many claimed that this could be counted as one that includes a heavy amount of English by the member. 

Check out the interview in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] MYX Philippines

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