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NU`EST W`s Ren Got His `Cute King` Title Taken By Aron, But That`s Not What Made His Blood Pressure Rise



What comes after the title announcement was unbearable for Ren.

NU'EST W members guest on 'K-Rush Season 2' as the first guest and went for a few rounds of battle for the king title of each category. Coming to the 'Cute King' title round, Ren demonstrated his irresistible aegyo on the spot that would have probably melted all LOㅅEs who was watching, but 'cringe' was the only thing felt by his members. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS World TV' Screenshot

With Baekho failing immediately, Aron did his aegyo that later comes with an overwhelming sense of regret. When MC JR announced Aron as the 'Cute King,' the eldest member rolled on the floor and regain himself with a flower face as a ceremony. This caused the former 'Cute King' to have his blood pressure rise as he held the back of his neck. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS World TV' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 18:10 mark in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] KBS World TV

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