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Nam Joohyuk Sang His Favorite Coldplay Song and Left Manila with A Promise



Nam Joohyuk made a promise with his fans in the Philippines.

At his recent fan meeting in Manila, the actor shared his favorite song genre and revealed that he is a fan of Coldplay's music. Among them, 'Yellow' is his favorite. The MC prompted him to sing that song but he was extremely shy about it. He, however, sang it in the end with his fans. 

After that, he said, "I didn't prepared at all. The next time I come, I will come prepared!" The MC reconfirmed with him by asking, "Does that mean you will come again?" which received a firm, "Yes!" from the actor himself. 

Philippines fans, are you guys ready to welcome him again? Check out the moment at the 0:50 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Alice Madid

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