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Nam Joohyuk Talked about Things Happened in 2017, Said That He is Grateful for Everything



Nam Joohyuk talked about things happened to him in the past year and what he would do in 2018. 

The model turned actor said, "I have worked so hard in 2017 and I haven't had any feeling for 2018. I just feel the same. Time goes by days, weeks, months, and that's how one year passes. I mean that I am so busy so that I feel like that. So, I wish in 2018 too, I can be busy and spend the year like that."

When asked whether there is something he like about 2017, he answered, "When I look back to 2017, I think every moment means a lot to me. I am grateful for everything in the year." As for his acting, he commented, "I think I am still lacking of things, and I always feel like the first time. I always want to improve myself and I am trying various things to do that."

Are you looking forward for Nam Joohyuk's busy days in 2018?

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Source: [Youtube] MBCdrama


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