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Nam Joohyuk Visited Manila and was Touched By Fans` Surprise



Nam Joohyuk teared up at his recent fan meeting in Manila. 

The actor visited the sunny country on September 23rd for his fan meeting in Manila. He was cheerful and bubbly as he can be during the whole event and it sure left many beautiful memories for the fans who attended. He did a bottle flip challenge and did push ups at the event too. 

Of course, not to miss out the special surprise that moved the actor to tears. Fans prepared a special video for the actor that holds many of their beautiful pictures and their love for him. Tears formed in his eyes as he takes in every single moment of the video. 

Image Source: Youtube 'imaboicegongju' Screenshot

Check out the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] imaboicegongju

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