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Not Many Fans Know Wanna One Minhyun and Jinyoung`s Ultimate Bromance... Until They See This



Wanna One's Minhyun and Jinyoung might be the sweetest bromance couple in the entire K-pop world.

On an episode of the group's variety show, 'Wanna One GO,' fans have found one adorable moment of Hwang Minhyun and Bae Jinyoung. At that time, all the members watched a horror movie, and out of the blue, Minhyun said to Jinyoung, "Jinyoung-ah, watch it and later, if you are scared, come to my room." However, Jinyoung denied it and said, "No, I am not scared to things like this."

Image Source: Youtube '진실' Screenshot

While watching the movie, Jinyoung fell asleep, and Minhyun woke him up in purpose, asking him to sleep in his room to make sure that his body is not aching in the next morning. Jinyoung then quietly listened to Minhyun and did just as what Minhyun told him to do. Before going to his room, Minhyun even covered Jinyoung with blanket and turned off the lamp for him. 

Image Source: Youtube '진실' Screenshot

Not stopping there, during his sleep, Jinyoung suddenly walked into Minhyun's room and he laid beside him. Minhyun then held him, and hugged him tight in his sleep. Watch yourself the video above to know more!

Image Source: Youtube '진실' Screenshot

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Source: [Youtube] 진실

Thumbnail Credit: Imperial Reign, Little Wolf

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