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Now Everyone Can Be Suzy, Singing [Dream] Together with EXO`s Baekhyun



Have you ever dreamed to sing duet with EXO's Baekhyun? Now you can!

On August 11th, music platform 'everysing' launched the special version of 'Dream' as a part of their 'Sing with Star.' Fans can basically do a duet with Baekhyun, sing Suzy's parts in the song. Before the song starts, Baekhyun also said in the video, "You look pretty today. You know that you will sing with me, right?" He continued, "This song is 'Dream,' I expect your beautiful vocals. Please work hard to sing well."

Check out the video above and sing with Baekhyun!

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Source: [Youtube] 에브리싱 (everysing)

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