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OH MY GIRL`s Seunghee Caught Her Fansite Filming Another Member and Here`s What She Did



Seunghee surely does not like being cheated on.

On May 28th, OH MY GIRL held their fan sign event for their latest album, 'Coloring Book,' in Jamsil, Seoul. As usual, numerous fans and representatives from various fan-sites came to meet the girls. Seunghee's fan-site was also present at the event. 

Sitting next to Seunghee was member Arin. For a short moment, Seunghee's fansite filmed Arin since she was adorably communicating with fans on stage. Unfortunately, Seunghee caught the moment when she was being "cheated on." As a response, she jokingly pretended to be angry and annoyed at the fan-site. 

Image Source: Youtube '하늘을 스치는 별' Screenshot

Seunghee glared at the camera and gave an adorable pout. Whenever she got some time, she checked the camera (whether or not she was the focus) and continued to express her disappointment. After some time, Seunghee eventually "forgave" the fan-site and went back to being cheerful with her smiley face and aegyo.

Check out the fancam above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] 하늘을 스치는 별

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