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OH MY GIRL`s YooA Cried on Live Broadcast

OH MY GIRL`s YooA Cried on Live Broadcast


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This is the reason why YooA cried.

During a broadcast of 'Weekly Idol', the two MCs asked OH MY GIRL's YooA to sing for her parents. Before she started singing, she already started dropping tears. As soon as the idol sang the first line of the song, she couldn't hold back her tears and cried. And the other members also started crying. After several more attempts, she was able to finish the song. Seeing this, MC Defconn asked "Where do your parents live?" YooA laughingly said "My parents live in Seoul --(Same city as YooA)" Then the two MCs shouted "We thought your parents lived in the country side or LA or something!" To this, Everyone couldn't hide their laughter and YooA quietly said "But we can't see each other often nowadays.." 


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Source: [Youtube] dukwho kim

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