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One Fan Proposed SISTAR`s Bora to Get Married and Her Response Evokes Laughter



No one has expected this kind of response from Bora!

After SISTAR's last performance on music show, Bora greeted her fans before getting on her van. While waving her hands to fans, one fan shouted at her, "Because it is the last time, please marry me!" To this sudden proposal, Bora bluntly answered, "No, I don't want," in her adorable voice.

To this, fans have once again expressed their love to the idol, saying "I'm dying from the cuteness", "So cute. Love You Bora", "Look her face, so cute and funny", and so on. 

Watch the fancam above to find out more!

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Source: [Facebook] 아이돌 이슈 - 영상

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