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One Fancam Caught EXO`s Kai Dancing to BTS` [DNA]

One Fancam Caught EXO`s Kai Dancing to BTS` [DNA]


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Kai was spotted dancing to BTS' 'DNA' at the '32nd Golden Disc Awards.'

On January 11th, EXO and BTS came to the awards ceremony together, and receive awards for their outstanding works in 2017. While seeing the idols receiving awards is fun enough to watch, fans are delighted to see how Kai dancing to BTS' DNA' with all his might. 

Image Source: Youtube '종인이야기' Screenshot

It was all happened when BTS performed the song as the encore, while EXO members watched the performance at the artist seats. As you can see in the fancam above, Kai, who has enjoyed 'DNA' from the very beginning, dances along as the song reached the refrain. Kai slightly took of his jacket, and he showed an amazing dance moves, just like what BTS members did on the stage!

Watch the fancam above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] 종인이야기

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@Beautiful88_kai,' Peachope 

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