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PENTAGON`s Hui Said Wanna One`s [Energetic] is a Turning Point for Him

PENTAGON`s Hui Said Wanna One`s [Energetic] is a Turning Point for Him


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PENTAGON's Hui revealed how he got much recognition only after Wanna One's debut song he composed, 'Energetic.'

On the November 11th airing of MBC FM's 'Idol Radio,' PENTAGON's Hui came as a guest. During the broadcast, he talked about the hit songs he has composed, including 'Shine,' 'Energetic,' 'Never,' and more. 

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Among all, Hui picked 'Energetic' as a song that has encouraged him much during his hard times. He said, "I think it was a time when I didn't have a single light despite giving up sleep and working hard every day since our debut. I was having a hard time mentally but I was so happy that the song could bring a bit more attention to my group."

The idol also revealed that, unlike 'Never,' it did not take much time for him to compose 'Energetic.' He said, "It felt better than finding 10 dollars in the streets. I felt like I've got a chunk of gold."

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment

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