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Park Bogum Stood Up Immediately at His Fan Sign When This Fan Arrived at the Table



Park Bogum met a young fan at his fan sign. 

During one of the actor's fan sign event for 'Nescafe Crema,' he appeared in a charming white sweater over a shirt and shined with his ever loving smile at the event. 

During the signing, Park Bogum saw an extremely young girl who came with her mother, holding onto a banner for the actor. He left his seat immediately and went around the table to greet the young fan. He crouched down to meet the little girl's eye level and received the poster from her before giving her a warm handshake.

The little girl was then lifted up to meet Park Bogum over the table and they did lovely heart signs to each other.

Image Source: Twitter 'hola_blessU '

Watch the moment at the start of the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Korean Drama Updates

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