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Park Jibin, the Child Actor Everyone Loves in [Boys over Flowers], Talked about His Current Life



Park Jibin has recently sat down for an interview with lifestyle magazine 'International bnt.'

For the magazine, Park Jibin tried various concepts, from dandy, casual, and unique styles. The actor shared his current life and acting career with the magazine. He debuted in 2001, and Park Jibin is now 23 years old. He revealed, "I really want to act again and show my great sides." Park Jibin also revealed that he is close with Lee Hyunwoo. He said, "I am close with actor Lee Hyunwoo. We support each other."

Image Source: International bnt

When asked about his image as a child actor, he explained, "At first I was worried (that people will remember me only as a child actor). But when I think it again, I feel that people are able to recognize me because of my acting when I was young. I don't want to throw away my image as a child actor, but rather I will let it flow naturally."

Image Source: International bnt

To the magazine, Park Jibin also shared that he is just another student during his 16 years hiatus. He said, "I am just another student. Because I started actingsince I was very young, I have never thought about my dream. The fact that I got job since I was a child makes me think that I am so lucky."

Image Source: International bnt

Meanwhile, you can check out the making film of the pictorial above!

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