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Park Seojoon Picked One Lucky Fan to Act as Kim Jiwon, Reenacting Scene from [Fight for My Way]



This one fan had a chance to feel how it is like to be Kim Jiwon! 

On the September 30th fan meeting of Park Seojoon in Hong Kong, one lucky fan has successfully made everyone jealous of her. The fan managed to be chosen among hundreds of fans coming to the event. Unlike the usual fan service, such as back hug, high five, or taking selfies together, the girl got a chance to be Kim Jiwon and got Park Seojoon acted in front of her, and just for her! 

Image Source: Youtube 'K-Star hk' Screenshot

Park Seojoon took the scene where he did aegyo to Choi Aera (Kim Jiwon's character in 'Fight for My Way'). Not only his accent, the actor also complete the act with his adorable facial expressions, pouting his mouth and moving and pretended to sulk. 

Check out the video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] K-Star hk


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