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Park Seojoon Shared His Sincere Thoughts about Kang Haneul`s Enlistment

Park Seojoon Shared His Sincere Thoughts about Kang Haneul`s Enlistment


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Park Seojoon has once again opened up about Kang Haneul's enlistment. 

Recently, the actor did a photo shoot with lifestyle magazine '@star1.' Not only that Park Seojoon did pictorial with the magazine, but he also did an interview, in which he talked more about his latest film, 'Midnight Runners.'

He first talked about how he was surprised that the film showed better result than what he had thought before. He said, "During the premiere of the film, there were a lot of great movies so I had no idea our movie would receive such a good result. It was really fun filming the movie and I think the same feelings were delivered well to the audience."

Park Seojoon then opened up about Kang Haneul, who is currently in the army. He said, "Kang Haneul has really good manners and treats everyone well, so I think he will be fine in the military. I have no worries about him."

Image Source: STARNEWS

It's not the first time for Park Seojoon to show his trust in Kang Haneul on his military life. Back during the press conference of the film, Park Seojoon joked that everyone in the base camp might had been waiting for him to enlist. You can watch the video above to know more about this.

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