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Park Seojoon and Kang Haneul Celebrated Their Movie [Midnight Runners] Reaching a Million Views



The movie 'Midnight Runners' have reached a million views as of today, August 12th (KST), which is the 4th day since the premiere.

In celebration, the director, Kang Haneul and Park Seojoon gathered to take a cute photo together that symbolizes the thankful 100 views, and the following is what they have come up with. Park Seojoon making a circle with his hand in front of his eyes is just so cute. If you have not already, go watch this hilarious movie about two policemen. 

Image Source: Xsports News 

Watch the video above for Kang Haneul and Park Seojoon promoting their movie! 

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Source: [Youtube] sj sj 

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