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Park Shinhye Explains How She is Different from Fans` Expectation

Park Shinhye Explains How She is Different from Fans` Expectation


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Park Shinhye opened up about fans' expectation and her real life. 

Recently, the actress sat down for an interview with media outlet mydaily. During the interview, the multi-talented actress told how she thinks her real life is different from what people think. She revealed a lot of people think that she is a cheerful person, just like in her usual drama and/or film characters. However, she revealed that she can even cry when she cannot control her emotion. 

She explained, "I'm not always like that (cheerful). I also know how to express myself when I am sad." She added, "Sometimes, I lose my patience and cry, and lock up myself in my room because I just feel dark. I cannot be always cheerful like a person who drink 1000 vitamins everyday, right?" 

Park Shinhye also said that she might not be as kind as people think about her. She said, "People will think that I can give my everything to others. However, I am not that kind. When I feel tired, I will sau it. I am always being honest with my feeling."

She continued, "I cannot believe people's sayings easily. I build relation with people based on the experience we had together. I can be close with people even when I meet them only once or twice. I think it will be so tiring if I judge people from only what I hear from the others."

Meanwhile, the actress is currently busy promoting her film ', which is scheduled to hit cinemas on November 2nd. 

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