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Park Shinhye Posted a Proof Shot of the `Gift` Sent by CNBLUE`s Jonghyun



Park Shinhye received a sweet gift from her dear friend, Jonghyun.

The actress posted on her Instagram with a pictures of three permissions lying orderly in front of a heater along with a caption that went,

"#Persimmon #InTheMidstOfRipping #Persimmon sent by @/cnbluegt Jonghyun"

Persimmon is a type of fruit that is orange in color looking like a tomato. It could be very sweet when it is ripe but quite astringent when immature. 

Jonghyun who saw this post commented rather excitedly asking,

"Its delicious isn't it!? hahahahah"

Image Source: Instagram 'ssin7' Screenshot

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Source: [Youtube] NOTICES K-POP& [Instagram] ssinz7

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